My Computer Wont Turn On. How to Fix It?

My computer wont turn on? Why my computer wont turn on? How to fix computer wont turn on? The possibility and detection for computer wont turn on at all. After pressing the power button on the computer, turns out the computer system wont turn on or computer still off.

If the computer is off total there are many causes. To that end, a check of the easiest thing first:

  • Check whether the power cable from the CPU, Monitor into electricity is still good.
  • If using a stabilizer or UPS, make sure it is in good condition and not damaged.
  • Check if the power switch on the CPU still works well or not, make sure the power cord is not disconnected, and see whether it has been properly installed on the motherboard.
  • Check your Power supply are still good and give the corresponding power or not. For this you can do with a measuring instrument, or if you dare to risk, install it on other computer, if it is working in other computer, it means the power supply is still worthwhile to use.
  • Make sure the power supply is in good condition, do not connect the power cable to other device, except motherboard that already fitted with processors. See if the processor fan is still on, if not then there is damage in the processor or motherboard.
If the computer is turn on, reinstall one by one of hardware and then try to switch on. For example, install RAM and then turn on computer, see whether computer can be turned on or not. And so on, if at the time of installing the hardware such as the hard disk and the computer wont turn on, then the hard disk is damaged / shorting.
If the computer still wont turn on at all, take it to a trusted computer technician.

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