Indications and Contraindications for Pregnancy Referral

In general, the health referral for pregnancy are made where labor and equipment at a health facility is not capable of managing the complications that may occur. In maternal and prenatal health care, there are two reasons for referring pregnant women, the mother and / or fetus.

By its nature, the referral of pregnant women can be divided into:

Referral of emergency

Referral of emergency is referral that is done as soon as possible because it deals with urgent emergency conditions.

Referral plans

Referral plans is a referral that made by the longer preparation when the general state of the mother is still relatively good, for example in the antenatal period or the onset of labor when it was found possible risk of complications. Because it is not done in a state of emergency, the referral is to do with the choice of transport modalities are more diverse, convenient, and safe for the patient.

As for the referral should not be done when:
  • The Condition of mother is unstable to be moved
  • The fetal condition is unstable and threatened to continue deteriorate
  • Labor is already going to happen
  • There is no skilled health workers who can accompany
  • The weather conditions or transport modalities harm

Guidance in referral or not referral on the pregnant women and their fetuses should be considered by all health workers who deal with pregnant women.

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