How to Setting IP Address On Windows 7

Setting or configuration IP address on Windows 7 is a little different with Windows XP so that people who are already familiar with Windows XP sometimes feel confused to setting ip configuration on windows 7. Basically setting IP address used in order to provide static IP on a computer so it can be connected to the network. Here are the step by step to setting the IP address on windows 7:
  • Click Start on your Windows 7, and then select Control Panel.

  • On the control panel menu select View network status and tasks that is under Network and Internet.

  • After you sign in to view network status and tasks, you will be brought into the network and sharing center as shown below. then select change adapter settings on the left side menu.

  • Right click on the Local Area Connection icon, then select Properties.

  • After logging on local area connection menu, select Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4), and then click Properties

  • On the menu internet protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4) check use the following IP Address and fill out the appropriate IP address you want, I give you an example

Once the setting or configuration IP address is already filled, then click OK at the bottom button. and congratulation you are able to set the IP Address on Windows 7. See Detail on Video how to setting IP Address on Lan

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