How to Know and Change DPI Images Easily?

Image files are generally frequently uploaded on online media for specific purposes. In the upload file sometime upload images application uses certain terms for fie images can be uploaded. One of the term is DPI images. Here is how to know the DPI images or pictures and also how to edit and change DPI images easily and quickly.

How to know the DPI images easily?

To find and know the DPI Images can do simple steps as follows:
  • Open the folder where images
  • Right-click on the image
  • Select Properties
  • On the Properties menu, select the detail
  • Move the cursor to the bottom
  • See DPI Images
That easy way how to know the DPI images.

How to change the DPI images using?

To change the DPI images easily and quickly, we can use Adobe Photoshop software. Here is step by step how to to change the DPI images using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Install Adobe Photoshop
  • Run the Adobe Photoshop
  • Open the image you want changed its DPI Images
  • After the image opens
  • Click the Image menu
  • Select Image Size
  • On the Image Size menu, change the resolution according to your wishes
  • Click OK
  • Finish
By changing the DPI images, then automatically the image size will change within their revamped resolution. The greater the DPI resolution of the image file size will also increase.

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