How to Fix Auto Restart Computer Automatically Because Temperature Too Hot

Problem Description about Auto Restart Computer automatically Because Temperature Too Hot. At the time of using computer, computer often auto restart itself. After visits from bios system, turns the computer temperature is too hot.

How to fix auto restart computer automatically due to temperature too hot?

Problem solution

In order to maintain the existing hardware is not easily damaged, then make sure that you configure the temperature warning is in bios. This is important, because you can turn off your computer with normal before the computer is turned off or restart.

Keep the air circulation inside the case are well preserved, meaning any air goes in and any air coming out. To this may be added 2 pieces of fan inside the casing that one set of air in and the one set up to let the air out.
If the second step does not work, then you need to check the condition of the heatsink. Make sure the heatsink attached to the top of the processor. If you need to uninstall heatsink and clean the thermal pasta (pasta processors) that attached to the heatsink and processor until it is clean. Change the pasta processor with a good-quality pasta.
Replace heatsink with caution.

Now the problem of auto restart computer automatically because the CPU temperature is too hot is solved. Now you can use your computer comfortably without interruption auto restart computer problems.

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