Google Play Store wont Download and Update Android App

Google Play store is the application or software built on android phone that provides services to install or update a variety of software android applications both free and paid through the google play store.

Departing from an event, while running Google Play Store and wont to download or update applications that already installed on the android mobile phone through google play store. What happens is the Google Play Store app can not download and install the application to be updated or downloaded. 

Detail the problem as shown in the figure below:

Here is a step-by-step troubleshooting Google play store wont download, update and
install applications on android mobile phone.
  • Open  Settings
  • Select the Apps / Applications
  • Select the Google Play Store
  • Uninstall Google Play Store
  • Download the latest Play Store app
  • Install the latest Play Store app that you have downloaded
  • Run the Google Play App Store
  • Try to downloading, installing or updating your latest of Google Play Store app.

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