How To Underhand and Overhand Serve in Volleyball

Volleyball game is played by two teams, each team consisting of six players. The team was declared the winner is the team that first reaches the value of 25 points. In the play volleyball there are some basic techniques that must be mastered in order to be able to play properly.

Here is how to perform basic technique of underhand serve and Overhand serve in volleyball that need to be mastered in a volleyball game.

A serve in volleyball  is action of hitting the ball by a defender who performed from the service area, directly to the opposite field. Serve in volleyball is action to put the ball into the opponent's game field. A serve that will be studied include the following.

How to perform Underhand Serve

The underhand serve can be practiced by means players stand behind the line of the back field. The ball is held with the left hand for player with right hand serve. As the ball at waist height and then hit into the opposite field passes over the net.
How to perform Overhand Serve

Overhand Serve can be practiced in the following way.

Preparation phase
  • Stand up straight.
  • Both foot in position stance (left foot forward and right leg behind for player with right hand serve)
  • The left hand holds the ball in front of the body.
  • The view is directed towards the ball (front).
The implementation phase
  • With the left hand, bounce the ball up slightly to the back.
  • Curl up your body backward.
  • Along with the movement of the body forward, hit the ball using the right hand assisted by activating the wrist.
Final movement
  • Weight loss carried forward with the back foot (right) to the front.
  • The view follows the direction of movement of the ball.
 The basic serve technique both underhand and overhand serve is a basic technique which marks the beginning of the game and be an attack early in the game of volleyball. Stay enjoy with volleyball.

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