How to Smash or Spike in Volleyball

Smash or spike in volleyball is the action of hitting the ball to the opposite field, with hard by the dip direction so that the ball moves past the top of the net and cause the opponent difficult to reverse. Smash or spike is a major blow in the attack to the opponent to get the points or broke of the opponents.

Basic techniques smash or spike in volleyball can be practiced in the following way.

The preparation phase
  • Stand stepped facing towards the net.
  • weight on the front foot.
  • The view is toward the front (toward the net).
Phase of implementation
  • Motion prefix, stepped before repulsion. Usually done at least two-step and the last step width.
  • Motion repulsion, rejected by both legs up aided by swing both arms forward above.
  • Motion blow, hitting the ball with the palm of the hand on the top of the ball along with the wrist activated.
  • Motion landed, the movement is performed with both ends of the feet, along both of knees be springy.
End of movement
  • Both the knee is lowered.
  • Weight loss brought forward.
  • The outlook above.
  • Both arms at the front side of the body.
In addition to the basic techniques of the general smash or spike, smash or spike can also be done without the prefix. The following techniques and smash motion without prefix that can be practiced by volleyball players.
  • Stand close to the net and facing the net with the attitude of both feet shoulder width apart and both arms at side of the body.
  • Lower your knees simultaneously both arms pulled back and put out both legs up simultaneously both arms swung upwards.
  • Hit the ball at the top with an open palm.
  • Arriving back at the place refused with use both ends of the feet and attitudes on both knees be springy and arms beside the body.
Smash or spike techniques in volleyball is the main weapon in a deadly game opponent in order to win the game. Happy competing.

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