How to do Heading Technique in Football

Heading is a one of the basic technique in football. Heading is the ball forward using forehead. Usefulness to pass the ball to give to friends, give feedback, to put the ball into the opponent's goal, and sweep the ball in the defense itself to break the opponent's attack.

The basic techniques of heading in football can be practiced in the following way.

Preparation phase

  • The attitude of standing in place.
  • The face of the ball.
  • Both legs standing straddle both knees slightly bent.
Implementation Phase

  • Body pulled back, posture slightly inclined to the back, neck muscles strengthened docked to the chin to the neck.
  • The view eyes turned towards the arrival of the ball.
  • With the strength of the abdominal muscles and pelvic boost and a boost force both knees straightened, the body is moved forward until the forehead right on the ball.
Final movement

  • Weight loss carried forward, until the body leaning forward motion passed with advanced toward the target.
  • The hind legs lifted forward followed immediately run for position.
The basic technique of heading in football.

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