How to Bump and Overhead Passing Volleyball

Passing in a game of volleyball is a technique to play the ball with one or two hands. The goal of passing is to direct the ball to a place or a team of friends to be played back later. Passing in volleyball can be divided into two kind, that is bump passing and overhead passing.

How to Overhead Passing Technique

Overhead Passing is an essential element in volleyball game. Mastery of overhead passing with good technique will determine the success of the team to help a good attack.

Here is tip how to do perform overhead passing technique in volleyball

Preparation phase
  • Stand with your legs is opened shoulder width, lowered your knees until your body weight rests on the front toe.
  • The arm position in front of body with both palms and fingers to form like a cup in front of your face.
The implementation phase
  • When the ball just above and slightly in front of the forehead, straightened arm to push the ball and your knees and hips up and heels lifted.
  • Touch the ball on the surface of the radius of the first and second sections as well as the most dominant pushing the ball is thumb, forefinger, and middle finger.
  • When touch the ball, fingers slightly flexed. Followed by movement of the wrist so that the ball can bounce well.
  • The good touching on the ball is right on the fingers.
Final movement
  • After the ball bounced off the arm straightened further forward as an advanced motion.
  • The weight is transferred to the front, rear foot forward and returned to its normal position.
  • Eye view followed the direction of movement of the ball.
Overhead Passing technique used to lure in order to balls that can be smash or spike well by smasher or spiker.

How to do Bump Passing Technique in volleyball?

Bump Passing is an a key element for the defense team. The ball that coming too hard, fast and difficult to play with overhead passing technique, it must be played by bump passing. Bump Passing can be done with one or two hands and use in accordance with the situation and the objectives to be achieved.

These Following are the implementation process of Bump passing down that can be practiced.

Preparation phase
  • Stand with the both feet shoulder width apart, knees is lowered so the weight rests on both ends of the front legs to get the balance and easily move in any direction.
  • Squeeze and straighten both arms in front of the body until both thumbs parallel.
  • The view in the direction of the ball.
The implementation phase
  • Both arms driven toward to the ball simultaneously with both knee and hip position rises as well as the heel off the floor
  • Keep the ball toward the right in the middle of the body and touching the ball right ball in the wrist
Final movement
  • Once the swing arm on the ball, lift up the heel, hip and knee on riding position, as well as both arms straight.
  • The swing arm for bump passing does not exceed 90° angle with the shoulder.
  • The view follows the direction of movement of the ball.
Overhead and bump Passing technique in volleyball is a basic technique that should be managed well to be able to play volleyball with properly and fun.

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