How to Blocking Technique in Volleyball

Blocking the ball in a game of volleyball is closely related to survival techniques done on the net. Blocking an attempt to block an opponent with his hands stretched in place is estimated to be running the ball.

Blocking technique in volleyball can be practiced in the following way.

The preparation phase
  • Stand facing the net, both legs are opened approximately shoulder width apart. Knees bent.
  • Both hands ready at the front of the chest with the palms facing the net / net.
  • The view overseeing the ball and watching the opponent will hit a ball.
Phase of implementation
  • Both legs refused simultaneously straight up while straightening your arms.
  • Both palms pressed together with the fingers opened so that the left and right thumb close together.
  • The position of the hands is directed close ball trajectory opponent's attack.
  • As soon landed with both feet be springy and both arms lowered through the front of the chest.
End of movement
  • Both the knee is lowered.
  • weight resting on both ends of the soles of the feet.
  • Both arms in front of the body and elbows bent.
  • The outlook follows the direction of movement of the ball.

Blocking in the game of volleyball is a technique in defense of the opponent's attack when doing smash or spike. The goal of Blocking technique is to deadly from smash or spike from the opponent.

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