How to Basic Technique Serve a Tennis Ball

Tennis ball is a sport game of small ball made by hitting the ball with the racket, through the net committed in a particular field. This game can be made between two players for a single game or a match numbers performed by four players for multiple games.

Playing a tennis ball is not easy. Some people require practice, patience, and in some cases requires professional guidelines.

Here are a basic technique Serve a Tennis Ball to be mastered by a player in the game of tennis ball. Thus, players can practice the basic techniques of serve in tennis ball, doing variations and combinations of the basic techniques of the game of tennis with the values ​​of cooperation, tolerance, confidence, respect your opponent.

How to perform Basic Technique Serve in tennis ball?

Movement Ball Toss Technique

Toss ball movement is the movement to throw or bounce or release the ball up with hands. Toss ball movement can be practiced by players in the following way.

The preparation phase
  • Standing stepped sideways stance (left foot in front of the right foot in the rear at an angle of approximately 45° to the net).
  • The distance between the two feet shoulder width apart.
  • The left hand holds a tennis ball with loose using the tip of the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger.
  • The view is toward the front.
Phase of implementation
  • Raise your left hand (which holds the ball) straight up at shoulder height and release the ball and arm up to eye-level position when the ball bounced as high as approximately 1 m.
End of movement
  • Hand toss the ball in the direction where the motion of the ball.
  • The view follows the direction of the ball.
Movement of Serve in tennis ball

Movement of serve in the game of tennis ball can be practiced by players in the following way.

The preparation phase
  • Stand sideways to the stepping attitude (left foot in front, right foot in the rear) with a slope angle of 45 o to the net).
  • Hold the racket behind your head with elbows at shoulder height.
  • The view in the direction of movement.
Phase of implementation
  • Throw the ball upwards with a vertical position in front of the body until the ball reaches a point above the head.
  • Swing the racket forward toward the ball and reach the racket to hit it.
End of movement
  • Continue the motion of swinging a racket until the racket crossed downward in front of the body.
  • The view follows the direction of motion of the body.
  • The hind legs stepped forward.

Teaching point pictures
A good basic technique od serve in tennis ball can be used as a weapon to get points to win the game of tennis balls.

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