How to Baseball Pass in Basketball

Today, basketball become the fastest growing sport in the world. Basketball is a game played by two teams, each team consist of five players. This game aims to get the value or score to put the ball into the basket as much as possible opponents and prevent an opponent to gain value. A long basketball game is 2 x 20 minutes with a long break between innings is 10 minutes.

Some basic techniques in the game of basketball should be controlled so that a person can play basketball well and correctly. The following will discuss about Baseball Pass basic techniques in basketball to be controlled by a player.

Thus a basketball player can practice the Baseball Pass basic techniques, practicing variations and combinations of the basic techniques of the game of basketball with good coordination and the value of cooperation, tolerance, confidence, courage, respect your opponent, and be willing to share space and equipment.

How to Baseball Pass technique in Basketball?

The Baseball Pass basic techniques can be practiced by basketball players in the following way:

Preparation phase
  • The attitude of standing balance.
  • The ball is held in the right hand for right hand players, with a position slightly behind the head.
  • The view is directed to the direction of the throw.
Implementation Phase
  • Raise the ball as high as ear and left foot step to the right.
  • When taking a throw prefix, body lean back.
  • Throw the ball to the front, along the elbows straight, the back foot steps forward prod of the wrist and flick the fingers.
Final movement
  • Weight loss brought forward.
  • The Arm after throwing straight and relaxed with the palms facing down.
  • The direction the ball is flat.
  • The view follows the direction of the ball.
The Baseball Pass basic technique in the game of basketball is very useful in giving pass to friends via the side to avoid the conquest from the opponent.

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