How do Throw-in Technique in Football

According to Danny Mielke, throw-in at the football game occurs when the ball entirely beyond the side lines, either scroll on the ground, or floated in the air. Thus, an opponent of the last to touch the ball, can do a throw-in on the back side lines where the ball leaves the field of play.

Preparation phase
  • Stand with feet together or both legs straddle back or legs straddle the left side to the right leg with the knee slightly bent.
  • Both hands holding the ball with the fingers spread apart.

Implementation Phase
  • Both hands with balls lifted over the back of the head, eyes toward a friend who will be given a pass ball.
  • When will throw the ball, the body was pulled back to the body arching in the abdomen. The ball is thrown with the strength of the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, shoulders, and arms swung forward, aided both knees straightened, the body is moved forward simultaneously dropped along with the ball is released

Final movement
  • Once the ball is released, subsequent motion is still standing on both feet with the ends of the toes remain on the ground.
  • Then forwarded to the footwork to find a position.

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