The Law Enforcement in Islam

The friend of prophet that known as a fair judge, Shuraih bin al-Harith al-Kindi, have a child which litigants with a clan. He pleads his case to his father. "My father, if the truth is present on me, so judgmental and win my case. On the contrary, if the truth is on these clan, decided to compromise and peace be with them," pleaded the child.

Shuraih bin al-Harith al-Kindi indirectly follow to the wishes of him son. "Let's meet in court together with them." In court, after the two sides gave testimony, Shuraih it actually won the case for these clan. On the way home, the children’s of Shuraih expressed his disappointment to his father. "You have humiliated me in front of them. If I knew the decision would like this, for the sake of Allah, I will not complain about my case to you," said the child.

"O my son, for the sake of Allah, I love you more than the earth and everything in it. However, my love for God can not be defeated by my love for you. God is far more noble and lovable than you. Really I was more afraid to inform you that the truth is on the clan then you invite them to compromise and buying and selling of law so that their rights are taken away. I can only say and decide what should I decide, "said the father.
After the case was decided, the others children of Shuraih filed bail to his father in order to that his son that was decided lost in court was not arrested. The father accepts it as a guarantee. However, people who pledged it escaped from custody. Shuraih was imprisoning him son as compensation for the escape of the person.

While in prison, every day Shuraih deliver food to him son. As parents, he must still loved him son. While as a judge, he must act in a fair, thoughtful, and refuse purchase of law. Whenever deliver food, he always advised his son.

"O my son, really I judge by winning to these clan it's not because I do not love you, but I would believe that their testimony is true. I did not take the decision because of prejudice or political intervention, but because of their testimony more credible. I think you has been doing injustice (unjust). "

The words of wisdom that always delivered in the judicial process are also advised to his child. In the next day, the Law enforcement officers who do wrong will know that he is among those who lose. Indeed, the unjust it is awaiting trial, while those who have been wronged it awaits justice. By God, nobody let anything, because God then feel the lack of a sense of justice.

These story is an example to us that it should be fair in law enforcement, without selective, and free of legal mafia. "If Fatima bint Muhammad steal, so i alone will cut her hand" firmly of Prophet. (Hadith narrated by Muslim). Closeness and love of law enforcement officers against the world should not beat his love for the truth and justice that comes from God that righteous and Just One is majestic. Allaah knows best.

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