What Should be Now about Child Immunization

Each year 1.4 million children die from diseases that could have been avoided by immunization. Several diseases including hepatitis B, tuberculosis, meningitis caused by Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib), diptheria, tetanus, polio and measles.

Children who have been given the immunization will be protected from these dangerous diseases, which can cause disability or death. All children have the right to obtain this protection.

Every child, both women and men must be given complete immunization. Scratch protection is very important to do. Immunizations given to infants aged less than one year is a very important thing. Pregnant women should also be immunized Tetanus Toxoid (TT) to protect the mother and her unborn baby from tetanus.

Although it has gained progress in administering immunizations to children, it turns out in 2008 there were nearly 24 million children - almost 20% of babies are born each year - around the world who do not get the complete basic immunization.

Parents or caregivers, need to know about several things, including the importance of immunization, the immunization schedule is required, and where children can obtain immunization services. Parents or caregivers need to know that immunization is safe to be given to children with mild illness, disability or malnourished children.

Children who suffer from chronic diseases such as HIV are more susceptible to malnutrition. Their bodies are hard to absorb vitamins, iron and other nutrients. Children who suffer from disabilities may require special attention to get the nutrients they need. 96 Healthy Living guide.

All girls and boys have the right to protection and attention. Therefore the mother, father or caregiver jointly ensure that their children get a good meal by providing healthy menu.

What should be known by the family and the community about:

Immunization is important. Every child should get a complete package that is required immunizations. Scratch protection through immunization for children aged less than one year is very important. All parents or other caregivers should follow the advice of a trained health worker on when to complete the immunization schedule.

Immunization protects against several dangerous diseases. A child who is not immunized, tend to be easily exposed to diseases that can cause disability or death.

Immunization is safe to light a sick child, disabled or malnourished.

All pregnant women and their unborn baby needs to be protected against tetanus (tetanus toxoid or TT). Even if a pregnant woman never previously immunized TT, TT immunization status of his still need to be checked by health officials to be equipped to acquire further level of protection against tetanus lifetime.

Every child should be immunized using a new syringe. Society has the right to make sure that in every immunization use new syringes.

Disease can spread quickly when people gather together. All children living in congested environments, especially in the area of ​​displacement, or natural disaster conditions should be immediately immunized, especially against measles and tetanus Toxoid (TT).

Immunization record such as maternal and child health books or cards Towards Health should be brought to be filled by a health worker whenever immunized.

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