What are Immunizations for Pregnant Women

All pregnant women and their unborn baby needs to be protected against tetanus. Even if a pregnant woman is immunized Tetanus Toxoid (TT) ever before, it still needs to be examined her TT immunization status by health workers for further equipped to acquire a degree of protection against tetanus lifetime.

At various places in the world, many mothers who gave birth in a place that is not clean and use tools that are not sterile. This can lead to the mother and baby at risk for tetanus, a major cause of neonatal deaths.

If a pregnant woman is not immunized TT, then the tetanus bacteria or spores enter the body, then the mother's life is in danger. Tetanus bacteria live in dirty wounds. Bacteria can grow if the umbilical cord is cut with a knife that is not sterile, or if contaminated with anything that is not clean to the end of the cord. Whatever tool is used to cut the umbilical cord, should be sterilized by boiling, or by using flame heated, and then cooled first. In the first week since birth, the umbilical must be kept clean. There should be no objects or whatever herb is placed above the navel.

All pregnant women should ensure that they and their babies have to get TT immunization of at least twice (TT1 and TT2), to protect against tetanus.

If in the previous history of pregnant women have not been immunized TT, then he should get immunized according to the following schedule:
  • The first dose: As soon as he knew that she was pregnant.
  • Second dose: Fastest one month after the first dose.
  • Third Dose: The fastest six months after the second dose, or during subsequent pregnancies.
  • Fourth Dose: Most fast one year after the third dose, or during subsequent pregnancies. 
  • Fifth Dose: Most fast one year after the fourth dose, or during subsequent pregnancies.

If the mother has been previously immunized TT, then he still had to complete their immunization status until the fifth dose. Distance next immunization customized with previous immunization status as the schedule above.

After getting five doses of TT with the provision of the correct distance, the mother has been protected for 25 years into the future, as well as his son has been protected for the first few weeks since its birth.

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