The Importance of Breast Feeding for Baby

Breast feeding babies will be healthier and achieve optimal growth and development when compared with infants fed formula milk.

About breast feeding, In the Qur'an, Allah. Says:

۞وٱلولدت يرضعن أولدهن حولين كاملين لمن أراد أن يتم ٱلرضاعة

And the mothers should suckle Reviews their children for two whole years for him who desires to the make complete the time of suckling. (al-Baqara: 233)

If the majority of infants aged 0-6 months given only breastmilk - meaning only breast milk and no other liquids or other food, not even water - it is estimated at least 1.2 million children's lives could be saved annually. If the baby continues to be breast feeding until the age of two years or more, the health and development of millions of children will increase significantly.

Children who are not breast-fed, have increased risk for illness, and can inhibit the growth and even increase the risk of death or disability. Breastfed babies will receive protection (immunity) against various diseases through its mother's milk.
Breast feeding is the natural way that is recommended to be given to all children, although it can be purchased artificial food, clean water is available, a clean environment and good to prepare and give formula available.

If a mother is HIV positive, open the possibility of transmitting the disease to their babies through breast milk. Counseling can help the mother to consider a variety of risks in making decisions, what food is best for her baby.

Almost every mother can breast feeding. For mothers who are less confident to breast feeding, need the encouragement and practical support positive from her husband, family, friends and relatives. Health workers, cadres, women's organizations, and business leaders can also help.

Everyone has the right to obtain information about the benefits of breast feeding and risks of artificial feeding prematurely. Government has a responsibility to provide this information. Society, media and other communication channels can play an important role to promote breast feeding.

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