How to: Newborn Care after Childbirth

A healthy mother, a safe birth process, attention and care for the newborn, family love, and a clean home environment is very helpful durability and newborn health and survival.

Newborns require meticulous care, fed, loved, maintained cleanliness and warmth throughout the 24 hours continuously. Both parents of infants with primary caregivers who meet the basic needs of the baby, help build a basic foundation for health, happiness, growth, learning and development of babies in the future.

A newborn baby will grow healthy if he:
  • Immediately given breast milk after birth.
  • Always close to, or often embraced by mother, father or guardians.
  • Get exclusive breastfeeding from birth until the age of six months in accordance with the needs of the baby, or at least eight times in a 24 hour period, help strengthen the relationship with the child's mother and giving the baby immunity against infection.
  • Loved, loved, and cared for, supported and given simulation and encouragement by the family so that the baby can grow and learn quickly.
  • Guarded to keep warm, clean, comfortable and safe, as well as burping after breast-fed and changed his clothes on a regular basis.
  • Raised in a clean environment so as to avoid the possibility of infection.
  • Given the quality of health care, including regular checkups, immunizations periodically and weighed to monitor its growth. skilled birth attendants, should:
  • Provide the answers to the various questions of the "new parents" on the various ways to care for the baby associated with breastfeeding, diet, immunizations, bathing the baby, interact with the baby, language development, sleep patterns and so forth.
  • Notify new parents about the danger signs of a child who requires immediate medical care.
  • Helping the mother and the baby's father an emergency plan in case of complications in infants.
  • Helping the mother and the baby's father prepare records containing basic information about the baby at birth include weight, height, and time of birth.
  • Setting up a birth certificate for her parents used to get a birth certificate from the registrar.
Babies who are born prematurely or with low birth weight or infant with special needs, require care, love and special attention to ensure their survival and optimal growth and development.

Skilled birth attendants has an important role to teach parents about how to care for babies babies who have special needs. Some babies may require special care in the hospital until the baby is developed enough or healthy enough to be taken home by his parents.

If the baby can not be breastfed, mothers can express and store milk in sterile bottles, so that later can be given to the baby with a spoon or cup.

Caring for a newborn baby brings joy to both parents. But at the same time there is a sense of worry and exhaustion because they have to adapt because they have to care for the baby full time.Therefore newborn is dependent upon both parents to fulfill all kinds of needs, the parents should be good at taking care of their own. Mothers who breastfeed, especially to be more nutritious foods in addition to more rest. While fathers can help mothers who are breastfeeding newborns with household chores and caring for children whose mother while resting.

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