How to Give Attention, Love to Children's

Babies learn by leaps and bounds since he was born. They grow and learn well, if both parents are attentive, and caregivers give attention, affection, and stimulation in addition to good nutrition, adequate health care and protection.

Touching, hearing, smelling, seeing and tasting is a learning tool used children to understand and explore the world of children.

Affection, attention and stimulation

Soul child will develop quickly if they talk, touched, hugged, if they hear and see the face and the voice they knew, and if they hold a variety of different objects.

Children will learn quickly when they feel loved and feel safe from birth and they play and get along with family members and others close to them.

The more often a mother, father or caregiver play, talk and respond to the child, the more quickly the child learns.

Parents or other caregivers should consistently invited to speak, read, or sing to the child. Even if the child can not understand the words, "talking" this early stage can develop social and language skills and learning abilities of children.

Parents and caregivers can help children learn, and grow by providing something new, safe and interesting to see, hear, smell, hold and play with. Children who feel safe and cherished, will usually do well in school, more confident, have good respect, and able to face the challenges of life with ease.

Good nutrition
Exclusive breastfeeding is given during the first six months, introducing safe and nutritious food on a regular basis since the age of six months, and continued breastfeeding until the age of two years or more will make children grow up with optimal nutrition and healthy. For children, mealtime an opportunity to receive attention, and contact with the mother, father or guardians.

Good nutrition is essential for the growth and development of children. The food is a pregnant mother and child should be varied and nutritional value. These foods should contain a variety of essential ingredients such as protein, and fat to help children grow and have energy, vitamin A to help the children against the disease, iodine to ensure the healthy development of a child's brain, and iron to protect the child's mental and physical abilities ,

While a mother has a major role in feeding her baby, her father can help provide nutritious food for mothers, helps with housework and taking care of other children, and provide emotional support for his wife, baby, and another larger children and other family members.

Appropriate health care

Health workers should inform parents and caregivers about:
  • Immunizations required and immunization schedules.
  • How to prevent anemia and parasitic diseases in children aged over six months.
  • Why is it important eradicate worm disease
  • How to ensure children get enough nutrients such as iron, vitamin A for the development of mental and physical health.

Children who are anemic, malnourished or frequently sick, more easily frightened, or angry compared with healthy children. They are also reluctant to play, or get along with other children. Such children need special attention, care and encouragement to want to eat and hang out with others in order to be healthy children.

Children who have received complete immunization fit his schedule, and receive proper nutrition, health care, affection and love have a greater chance to stay alive. They will be able to concentrate on exploration, learning, and develop knowledge, language, social, emotional and motor skills.

The protection and care of parents and caregivers who are concerned and responsive.

Infants and young children should not be left alone for a long time. This would hamper their physical and mental development, in addition to the possibility of accidents.

Girls need the amount of food, attention and affection are the same as boys. All infants and small children should be encouraged and praised when they learn to do something new and say new words. Another thing all births boys and girls should be recorded to ensure their right to obtain basic services, such as health care, education, and legal services as well as social.

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