Healthy Habits to Prevent Diarrhea

To prevent diarrhea, all feces, including stool of infants and children should be thrown into latrines. For those who do not have latrines, feces should be buried. Children and adults can suffer from diarrhea when drinking water, food, hands, utensils contaminated by feces through insects and dust.

Flies that settle on feces and then land on foods also cause bacteria that cause diarrhea. To repel flies and prevent the spread of bacteria:

1. Dispose of feces in the toilet.
2. Always clean the latrines.
3. Cover food and drinking water.
All feces, including feces of infants and children, contain harmful bacteria. If children do not defecate in the toilet stool they must be cleaned and discharged to latrines or buried. After that washing hands with water and soap. Family members can help mothers clean up and dispose of feces.

If there are no latrines, the adults and children should defecate away from houses, roads, water sources, or where children play. Furthermore stools covered with earth. Human excrement or animals should not be near sources of water.

The people who do not have latrines should be considered to build latrines in mutual cooperation. Nevertheless, every household should have latrines.

Clean living habits and potable drinking water can prevent diarrhea. Hands should be washed with soap and running water after defecation, contact with feces, before touching and provide food for children.

Hands should always be washed with soap and water after each bowel movement, helps the child in the toilet, cleaning a child, remove dirt, and before feeding children, touching food or eating.

Small children often suck the fingers or mouth with your hands. Therefore, keep cleaning around the house and teach children wash their hands thoroughly and often, especially after defecation and before eating.
Potable drinking water, keep clean and free of germs is very helpful to avoid diarrhea. Another way to prevent diarrhea:
  • Peel fruits and vegetables or wash them thoroughly with clean water, especially when eaten raw by children.
  • Prepare food immediately before eating because the food leftovers can cause diarrhea. After two hours cooked food is no longer safe to eat unless stored in a heating or cooling.
  • Bury, fuel, or waste in a safe place all the leftovers that flies do not spread the disease.

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