Educated Mothers and Nutrition for Safer Pregnancy and Childbirth

Girls are healthy and educated, and get adequate nutrition during childhood through adolescence will experience a healthy pregnancy, safe childbirth, and tend to have a healthy baby if the age of childbirth begins after age 18 years.

Girls who acquire formal education are better equipped to fill his life. They usually know about health care, and not pregnant at a young age. Usually they also recently married as adults, have a few number of children, better spacing pregnancies, and seek prenatal care and childbirth. An estimated 2 per 1,000 maternal deaths could be prevented for every additional year of school attendance.

Development and healthy growth of a child up to the age of adolescence, will help prepare for a healthy pregnant during the reproductive age. In addition to the problems of education and health care, girls need good nutrition ranging from children to adolescents to reduce the problems that will arise during pregnancy and childbirth.

Daily menu needs to be nutritious. Including iodized salt, foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as nuts, seeds, green vegetables, red, orange and yellow and orange fruits. If possible, milk or other animal products such as eggs, fish, chicken and meat should be included in the list menu.
Girls who go to school normally delay marriage and pregnancy. Each pregnancy can have serious consequences for adolescents under the age of 18, especially those under the age of 15 years. Girls and their babies have an increased risk of complications and higher mortality.

It is important to prevent pregnancy young age and tell teens about the dangers pregnant at a young age, as well as infectious diseases transmitted through sexual contact, including HIV. Teens should improve the ability to choose healthy life also supports equality in addition to respecting the relationship between genders.

Tradition perform circumcision for women, can lead to severe infections of the vagina and the urinary tract which can cause infertility and death. Also can lead to dangerous complications during labor and childbirth.

Health workers and community development programs can help raise awareness about the harmful habits and the importance of young people to delay marriage and pregnancy for the health and well-being.

Families must understand the high risk of a pregnant young age. If a teenager do the wedding a young age, and then was pregnant, so her family had to help and guarantee that it will obtain the necessary health services.

Risks associated with childbearing age, for a mother and her baby can be reduced significantly, if before pregnancy, the condition of a mother are healthy and well nourished. During the period of pregnancy and lactation all mothers need nutritious food, more food, more rest than usual, iron supplementation or multiple micronutrient supplements, even if they have been consuming fortified foods, iodized salt to ensure the mental development of infants.

Girls, mothers, pregnant women need nutritious foods such as milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, grains, peas and beans. All of these foods are safe for consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The mother will feel healthier and stronger during pregnancy, if they consume nutritious food, eating more than before pregnancy, and more rest than usual. Nutritious foods rich in iron, vitamin A and folic acid include meat, fish, eggs, green vegetables, and fruits and vegetables are yellow.

After birth, the mother still requires a nutritious menu, in addition to eat more and get enough rest. Breastfeeding mothers need about 500 extra calories a day, which is equivalent to the amount of additional food.

During antenatal care, skilled health workers can provide some of the micro-nutrient supplements such as iron to prevent or treat anemia. Malaria or hookworm infection can be treated if necessary. Health workers can also conduct examinations suffered night blindness, and if necessary provide vitamin A in doses sufficient to treat the mother as well as improving the health of the fetus.

If a pregnant woman feels that she suffered from asthma, malaria or hookworms, they should immediately consult a trained health worker.

Salt consumed by families should contain iodine. Iodine for pregnant women and children is very important for brain development in children. Mumps is visible on the neck, is a typical sign that the body is not getting enough iodine. Cause iodine deficiency disorders, especially in early pregnancy and childhood. Mothers who do not consume foods with sufficient iodine content can give birth to a child with a physical disability or mental disability. Severe iodine deficiency can cause cretin (physical and mental growth stunted), stillbirths, miscarriages, and increased risk of child mortality.

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