Breastfeeding Baby in One Hour First of Childbirth

Newborns should be placed on the mother's chest to cuddle after birth. Babies should get skin contact with the mother and the baby starts breastfeeding within the first hour after birth. Skin contact with the baby's mother and then breastfeeding immediately after childbirth, to stimulate milk production. Breastfeeding also helps the mother's womb shrink, which means it will reduce the risk of major bleeding or infection and help push the placenta out.

Colostrum, the milk thick yellowish produced by the mother on the first day of childbirth and the next few days, is the most perfect food for newborns. Colostrum is high nutritional value, and full of antibodies that protect the baby against infection.

Sometimes the mother is encouraged to not give colostrum to their babies. This advice is absolutely not true, because the newborn derive many benefits from the colostrum.

Newborns do not need any food or drink other than breast milk. Giving other food or drink to newborns, result in reduced milk production. Moreover, it can result in diarrhea or other infectious diseases. Mother's milk is produced, rich in nutrients and is suitable for newborns. Babies should be breastfed as often as possible as much as he requested.
Infants who have trouble sucking mother's milk in the first few days, must be cultivated always close to his mother, and was given the opportunity to suckle repeatedly, or infants were breastfed so he suckle, or infants fed breast milk by using a clean cup (do not use a bottle and dot). Mothers should be helped to improve the baby's ability to suck, and demonstrated to him how to express milk if necessary.

Breast milk is very good for babies with low birth weight. However, not all babies can suckle on the first day of his birth. For babies who do not breastfeed, there are several options: milked milk (which comes from the baby's mother), Breast milk donor (after the HIV test, and breast milk properly warmed) or formula (only if there is a medical indication). All types of milk should be given to using a cup, a spoon, or a medical tool used by trained health personnel in health facilities.

Breast milk which has been warmed, starting with the warm milk milked (enough for one or two meals), in a small saucepan until boiling. Breast milk is then cooled in a sealed container and clean before it is given to infants using cups. Trained health workers can provide further guidance to the mother on how to squeeze the milk and how to heat breast milk.

Highly recommended newborn to sleep with his mother in the same room. If a mother gives birth in a hospital or clinic, the mother is recommended to be close to her baby for 24 hours. He must ask in earnest to the hospital or clinic officer that her baby was not given the formula, or water or other liquids other than breast milk.

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