Breastfeeding Baby at Age 0-6 Months

Breast milk is the best food and drink for babies aged 0-6 months. No need of food and other drinks, even water is not needed by the baby during this period. Breast milk is the best food for baby and young children containing white blood cells, proteins and antibodies suitable for babies. Breastfeeding baby at age 0-6 months helps the growth and development of children in an optimal and protect against disease. Breast milk contains the perfect balance of nutrition for babies, in contrast with formula, powdered milk or animal milk.

Baby at aged 0-6 months does not require water or other foods (such as tea water, juice, sugar water, wine, rice water, other milk, or porridge), even though being in hot climates though, breast milk is considered to meet all baby needs.

Breast milk is easy to digest baby. Unlike the formula derived from the milk of animals that are slower and more digestible. Compared with formula milk. Breast milk can protect babies from various diseases, because breast milk contains antibodies for immune children. These antibodies are not present in other types of milk.

Giving fluids and other foods besides breast milk to baby aged 0-6 months, will increase the risk of diarrhea and other diseases. Water and other liquids or foods may be contaminated, which in turn can cause diarrhea.
Babies who were given a drink or other liquids or foods at the age of 0-6 months, will disrupt the feeding process that will reduce the production of breast milk itself. If baby at aged 0-6 months of breastfeeding, and periodic weighing results do not show good growth then:
  • Mothers need help to improve the way breastfeeding so that the baby will suckle effectively.
  • Baby need more opportunities to suckle. Babies should be breastfeeding babies arbitrarily without being limited. Babies should be given the opportunity to suckle until it releases punting his mother, and he would seem satisfied or drowsy. This is an indication that the baby is receiving everything from suckling. Babies still be offered to breastfeeding again, maybe he still wants to breastfeeding or may decline. Babies should be left lying down on the chest of his mother until the baby is completely finished nursing.
  • Babies born with low birth weight (LBW), requires a break many times during nursing.
  • The baby may fall ill, and he should be examined by a trained health worker.
  • Baby 0-6 months of age who have got water or other liquids, will result in reduced intake of milk.

Therefore, mothers need instructions on how to reduce and eliminate the habit of drinking other fluids and seek to improve the habit of giving only breast milk alone.

Thus it can happen possibility (less than 2%) that a woman can become pregnant before returning her menstrual period. This possibility is greater occurs mainly 6 months after the mother.

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