Behavior and Healthy Habits for Kids

Let's try to remember, whether after playing, doing activities and holding money, balls, marbles you always wash your hands? Maybe you forgot or lazy to do it then you immediately wrote handling food. You need to know, germs or bacteria easily attached to hands dirty (not washed) so that the food that you can take hold germs or bacteria that can cause abdominal pain. To be healthy for kids, you must do healthy habits at school and also in your home, every where and every time:

To be healthy, you must do behavior and healthy habits for kids:

Healthy habits number one for kids is Handwashing

Good hand washing way is to use soap and clean water flows because germs easily stick in both hands, especially under the fingernails. Always wash hands with soap and clean water flows at the time:
  • Before and after meals
  • After doing activities (exercise, holding the money, holding the animals, gardening, etc.) and the holding of public facilities (such as bus handles, door handles, etc.).
  • After defecation and urination

The next healthy habits for kids is Keep your nails short and clean
Long and dirty nails can become the breeding of germs and disease worm eggs. So, you should always keep your nails short and clean.

Healthy habits tips for kids number three is defecation and urinating Using healthy toilet

One more is not less important, if you defecate or urinate should be in the healthy toilet ... why? With defecate and urinate in the healthy toilet, you do not pollute the environment and can keep the environment clean, healthy and odorless. The environment that are not clean and smell can bring in flies or insects that carry the germs that cause diarrhea, typhoid and also worms. Surely you do not want to get sick, right?

The Fourth healthy habits tips for kids is Throw Trash In Trash

Germs that cause diarrheal diseases, typhoid, and worms, happy to live in a dirty place. So that the environment is clean, healthy, and beautiful, you should always dispose of waste in a closed trash. Good dumpster bins are closed

Key Message: Dispose of garbage by separating:
  • Wet waste (organic) such as food scraps and leaves, which can be recycled into compost.
  • Dry waste (non-organic) such as: plastics, paper, food wrappers, which can be reprocessed into the objects useful.

The fifth healthy habits for kids is Checking the wiggler

The origin of Wiggler is from the eggs of mosquitoes that can transmit diseases such as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), malaria, elephantiasis, and Chikungunya. Therefore, pay attention to your environment and always check if there are larvae or not so that you avoid the dengue disease.

Key Message: Check the bath, flower pots and a others place that can hold water at least once a week to prevent the growth of larvae into adult mosquitoes.

The Sixth healthy habits for kids is Always use Healthy Canteen

You will like snack, right? Not all food that colors and attractive appearance is healthy and delicious, you know .... so buy and get snack in healthy canteen
  • Choose foods that are wrapped or placed in an enclosed place, so it is free from dust, flies, cockroaches and rats and germs that cause diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis, etc.
  • Choose foods that do not contain preservatives, coloring, flavoring and artificial sweeteners in order to avoid the danger of chemical poisoning.

Maintain personal health and the environment for child is the responsibility of each individual from the children. Through a behavior and healthy habits for kids, is expected to maintain the health of each individual and create a healthy environment.

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