How to Search for word, phrase in Word Document

In a documents that created with Microsoft Office Word there are facilities in the search for certain words or certain sentences in the Word document. Facilities or tools in Microsoft Office Word software is the version of Microsoft Office Word 2010 or earlier versions of this facility is called tool Find. And in Microsoft Office Word version 2013 and newer versions, this “Find” facility has been changed in the form of Navigation.

What is the difference between them and how to use it?

Tool Find on Microsoft Office Word 2010 and later versions of Microsoft Office Word had characteristics:

  • Form a simple pop-up window
  • You can use to search for words or phrases
  • Can replace the word or phrase that is found in bulk with another word or phrase that the same words will change according to the word or phrase replacement.
While the tool Find to search for words or specific phrases on the Microsoft Office Word 2013 or newer version has more advantages than the version of Office Word 2010 or later. Some of these advantages are follows:

  • It comes in the form of navigation pane that appears on the left window of Microsoft Office Word 2013 or newer.
  • In the window that the form of the Navigation Tool find there is a search field with a variety of options.
  • A more detailed search menu and detailed results are divided into three kinds, that is:
  1. Heading, searching existing headings in Word document
  2. Pages, bring searched words on the page
  3. Result, bring all search results
How do I bring up the Find Tool in Microsoft Office 2010 or later or Navigation Tool in Microsoft Office Word 2013 and newer versions?

Once again needs to be emphasized that this tool is very useful for writers to look for words or phrases that feel certain important for various purposes. For example, the words or phrases that are so important and necessary to review or editing, and for other purposes.

To bring up the Find or Tool Navigation Tool is very easy and fast. The steps are as follows:

  • First, open your word document file
  • Once the file is open
  • Press the button on the keyboard simultaneously CTRL + F
  • It will automatically appear pop up a window

  1. Find on Microsoft Office Word 2010 (previous version)
  2. Window Navigation in Microsoft Office 2013 (newer version).
After the find and Navigation tool appears, type a key word or phrase you want to search for you to edit and customize. Replace with other word or phrase as you like and your purpose.

Similarly, that is Microsoft Word tips, how to find words or certain phrases quickly and easily using the Find and Navigation facilities on Microsoft Office Word. Happy writing and searching or replace it as necessary.

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