How To Create Text Right and Left Aligment on Excel

On this occasion will discuss about how to create a text or sentence in a column in Microsoft Office Excel into a right and left alignment easy and quickly. How to make it? To create a text or word, sentence in Microsoft Office Excel column be right and left alignment, the steps are as follows:
  • Open your Microsoft Office Excel application.
  • Type a sentence or paragraph in a column.
  • Perform block with drag and drop commands on multiple columns and rows. Adjust the length and width according to your wishes. (Eg 4 columns and 1 row). 
  • Then select the alignment on the toolbar menu. Alternatively after block on multiple columns and rows, right click and select format cells ..... select the alignment tab
  • Appears alignment settings window, the window to set the text alignment in excel
  • To make text or paragraphs into right and left alignment, then do the settings as shown in the image ,.

  • On the tab option Horizontal text alignment select and choose justify, so the text or paragraph will be set right and left alignment
  • On the Vertical text alignment options choose center, this will make the text or paragraph be located amidst the rows of columns.
  • In the Text control place give a check on the Wrap text and Merge cells. Wrap text aims to create a text or paragraph into a regular follow on his column. While Merge cells, aims to combine multiple columns and rows into one column and one row.
Finished creating text or paragraphs in Microsoft Office Excel into a right and left alignment. Thus the results of how to make and create text or a paragraph in Excel document into right and left alignment. Have fun.

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