Fastest way Open Microsoft Excel On Windows

Quickly, easy and fast is one of the most key for working efficiency. In addition, the ease of operating something that is also a priority in determining a policy. In the world of information and technology, speed and ease in opening and running a program or application or software that is installed in the computer is the main key to work with computers.

Here is a step by step how to open Microsoft Office Excel software that are installed on your computers on Windows operating system both desktop and laptop quickly and easily. How to open Microsoft Office Excel Quickly?

To be able to open quickly and fast an application, program or Microsoft Excel software that installed on the Windows operating system you can take advantage of the facilities that are available in the Windows operating system, that namely RUN.

Step by step to open Ms Excel are follows:
  • Simultaneously press on your keyboard the Windows logo key Start button and buttons R. As shown in the figure below
  • RUN window appears
  • In the column of the window RUN box, type Excel. As shown in the figure below.
  • Then press Enter or click OK
  • Excel program will open automatically and quickly.
These are step by step how to open a program or application of the Microsoft Office Excel quickly and easily. With this way you can open Microsoft excel software applications more quickly and easily without having to do some click on the desktop or start menu.

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