How to Install Operating System on Bad Sector HDD

Bad sectors on hard disk drive is condition on hard disk drive (HDD) where hard disk are having damaged sectors on a hard disk. Bad sectors on hard disk drive could be happen both on the early sectors, middle sector, even on the end sector of a hard disk drive. From the results of experience, the symptoms and signs of damage of sector from hdd (bad sectors) on the hard disk that is:

  • Blue Screen on the computer when the process of operating system installation has failed both windows or Linux operating system at the partition on hard drive that exiting or have a bad sectors (damage from the part of hdd sector).
  • Sometimes the hard disk drive is not detected after installing an operating system 
  • Very slowly performance for loading an operating system due to difficulty reading/mounting of hard disk drive with bad sectors.
  • Not able to copy/transfer files or data on the hard disk drive or one or all of hard disk partition with damaged sectors (bad sectors)
Back on the main topic, that is how to install an operating system (windows/Linux) on the hard disk drive with damaged sectors. These following are the step by step how to installing an operating system on the hard disk drive with bad sector or damaged sectors:

Identify and find out where lies the damage sector (bad sector). Whether at the beginning sectors, Middle sectors, or the end sectors? How to find out the location of the damage sector? To finf it, you can use some software tools, for example :

  • Hiren Boot CDs Utility
  • Windows Disk Scan Facility
  • Boot disk utility

Once you know where the location of bad sectors on the hard disk partitions, create partition become two or three partition (don't create partitions on parts that have bad sectors and leave that section on the unalocated status.

After you finish create an partition of hard disk drive and let the bad sectors remains on the unalocated status, the next step is to installing the operating system (windows/linux) on a healthy hard disk drive partition (without bad sectors)

Insert the CD master of your operating system (Windows or linux OS) that you want to install and do the operating system installation on the health hard disk partition that is not bad sectors. 

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