How to Assemble a Computer, Hardware and Software

How to build up or assemble a computer or personal computer (PC) or laptop? in assembling a computer, required sufficient preparation, mainly is equipment that are used and also software and hadrware that is to be assembled or installed. Below are some of the tools and materials (hardware and also software) should be prepared for assembling a computer.

Preparation Materials to assemble a computer

Generally, a computer divided in two components, that is hardware and software. Both of these components are interconnected, the hardware without the software would not exist, and without the software the hardware would only be a junkyard. When we want to assemble a computer, the main hardware must be exist in advance.

The Hardware are requirement to assemble a computer include:
  • Mainboard or motherboard and the manual book
  • Processor
  • Hard disk drive (HDD)
  • Video Graphic Adapter (if not built-in with the motherboard)
  • Memory (RAM-random access memory)
  • Cd-rom or DVD-rom or CD or DVD RW
  • Chassis and Power Supply
  • Monitor
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • Power cable for the Power Supply and Monitor
  • Data cablefor  HDD, & CD-ROM

After all of the hardware is already connected by performing assemble one and others hardware, subsequently required software for operating hardware. The software include: operating system (windows or linux), Drivers of Mainboard, VGA, Sound Card and etc (so that the operating system can recognize the device that is mounted) and also software applications that you want to use.

In conclusion, how to assemble a computer? The are some of the materials to be prepared to assemble a computer, that is Mainboard with a manual book, Processor, Memory or RAM, Video Graphic adapters, Casing and Power Supply, Hard disk drive (HDD), Floppy disk drive, CD, DVD-ROM or RW, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard, HDD data cable & CD-ROM data cable, power cable for Power Supply and the Monitor. Beside that, there are also required some software including operating system and also others software applications.

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