How to Shutdown Computer Windows 8 Operating System

Windows 8 gives way and different operational. Likewise with how to shutdown on Windows 8. As we already know that the shutdown was the same as the means to turn off or turn off the computer or laptop. So a computer or laptop that used to be in a state of death, not burning the operating system and applications.

Here are some ways how to shutdown computer or laptop with Windows 8 operating system. These some ways to shutdown computer, can you aplicated as tips for troubleshooting ways to shutdown computer with Windows 8 operating system. Here we will describe some way how to shutdown computer with operating system windows 8 from fastest and easiest.

The means used here are in principle use the keyboard shortcut on windows 8 for showing a shutdown menu and then with using mouse to make a final execution to shutdown the computer at Windows 8 operating system.

Here are step by step how to shutdown computer, laptop with Windows 8 operating system as follows:

The first way to shutdown or restart or log off compuer and laptop
  • Ensure that all applications, programs or data both document that you open is closed and has been save securely. So that in this condition, your computer’s is already to be turning off and you can avoid damage or loss of programs or files that are currently open.
  • Make sure you are at the desktop posostion (press button with Windows Logo and keyboard letter D on your keyboard simultaneously).
  • To show up the shutdown menu windows, press on the keyboard Alt + F4 keys simultaneously.

  • Appears Windows od Shutdown menu that include options : Shutdown/ Turn off, Restart, Sleep. You can choose and select according to your wishes.

The Second way shutdown computer are as follows:
  • You do not need to be on the desktop screen. Make sure your all applications, programs or files that opened has been close.
  • Using a combination of keyboard shortcuts, press simultaneously (Windows logo key + button lettter I on the keyboard.

  • appears window dialog PC Settings menu on the right side of your computer screen. What you'll see in the image below: 

  • In these image above, click on the button labeled Power, then will showing to you some options that is Sleep, Shutdown and Restart, as in the image below:

  • Choose according to your wishes.

Tip number three how to shutdown computer in Windows 8 is:

Move your cursor pointer on the far right corner of your screen (the far right corner of the top / bottom) or you can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing the Windows logo key and button letters C simultaneously, and then will appears a window that is known with Charms Bar. See the picture below:

On the Charm Bar, select Settings, so that the PC settings window appears, follow the steps 4 and 5 just like in tip of umber two above.

So, there are several ways and steps that you can use how to shutdown computer or laptop with Windows 8 operating system. It is very practice, easy and fast you can perform to shutdown or turn off, restart or sleep your personal computer and laptop.

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