Setting Dynamic Desktop Background in Windows 8

Desktop background of computer screen is a background or backdrop view of the desktop on your desktop computer or laptop. Views of the desktop computer or a desktop background can be changed according to the needs and desires of owned with the display image changing, and dynamic change any given time by setting the desktop background. Thus, when the computer is not used for work, the display on your desktop will be visible vary, not saturate and boring for your eyes.

You can make an a Setting of the desktop background of the computer screen by utilizing software such as screen saver software. Another way to setting of desktop background is to make manual of desktop background and this way will be discussed below. The following settings are desktop background settings on windows 8 operating system.

Below are step by step to settings Windows 8 desktop background to change the desktop background screen display dynamic:
  • Open the display screen of your desktop (keyboard shortcut Start Button + D)
  • Right-click on the screen of your desktop or laptop computer, select "Personalize"

  • It would appear windows to setting up dynamic Desktop Background, on that window scroll to the right window box to choose a theme that will be used as a desktop background. Select one of the desktop background theme according to your choice and desire.
  • After you choose a theme of desktop background that you specify, next step is to setting and make desktop background automatically change with a certain regularity. by the way, select the sub menu link Desktop Background. See the image below for details:
  • Appears Desktop Background Settings window, as shown in the picture:

Some of thing that you should be concern at the desktop background settings are included:
  • The images that you want to display on the screen of computer, that is the entire image or in part, or you want to add an image from another folder. You can set it on the Browse button selection
  • Options "Select all" is to select the entire image will be dynamic desktop background dynamic and automatically change display according to the setting time.
  • Setting up of "picture position" have some aims for arrange the position of images or photo on the dynamic desktop background
  • Setting up of “Change picture overlay”: to set the time switch or automatically change the desktop background. For more details see the picture above.
For demonstration how to setting up a dynamic desktop background see the Video Settings desktop Background Windows 8

That is a little experience about how to setting up dynamic desktop background to showing images or pictures automatically change and dynamic on your computer screen or laptop screen. So enjoy your desktop background.

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