How to Resize Images, Photos, Pictures Easily and Quick

You can perform to change the size of the photos, pictures or image by your self easily and quickly. Basically, there are two things principle about how to change the images, pictures. The first is to change the size that covers the width and height of an image or photograph. The second way is after you change the size or size becomes small or become more big it will affecting to the size in kilobytes of an image or picture that you resize. The size of the dimensions of a picture that is getting smaller, the size in kilobytes of data in an image will be smaller, and otherwise.

For example of the dimensions of an image size is 1024 X 1024 pixels with an image size of 300 x 300 pixels with the same file type [eg .jpg,. PNG. JPEG], then the size of kilobytes of both files will be different. The size of kilobytes of data from the two-dimensional image above, the smaller is the photo or image with size of 300 X 300.

From the above principles, then there are two things, that is change the image size becomes larger or change the image size becomes smaller. Changing the size becomes larger dimensions will have an impact on the size of kilobytes of data from a file will grow large and otherwise. Normally for the image that have an small size [in pixels], if done by enlarging the size of the dimension change image, then the result will be more visible picture is unclear or vague though the dimensions are larger than its original size.

How to resize a images, photos or pictures easily and quickly?

From the above explanation about the size of an image, photo or picture, then it will be describe the easy way how to resize pictures, photos or images quickly.

You can use the facilities that provided from default program from your operating systems. At the Windows operating system there is an a program to edit images that called MsPaint. However, if you are using a Linux-based operating system, the default built in program that you can use to edit your photos or images including to image resizer is a program that called GIMP. You can also search and download free programs photo editing software that you can use to resize a photo or images easily and quickly.

You can also use paid photo editing software to edit the image or picture size. But to get this program, you have to buy it in advance or can try these program for free by downloading the trial version on the internet. There are some paid photo editing software that you can use include Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, ArcSoft PhotoStudio, ACDSee Photo Manager, and many others you can find and buy them online over internet.

Here is an explanation how to resize photos or images using MsPaint program / Paint, ACDSee Photo Manager.

How to resize a photo or image using MSPaint / Paint:
  • On your Windows operating system, open the program MsPaint / Paint by using windows shortcut keyboard, press start / windows logo button + R keys on the keyboard simultaneously. Appears Run dialog windows, then type “mspaint” on the box. See the picture below.

  • From MsPaint application, open your photo or image you want to resize, through the menu File> Open> select an image or photo.
  • After the image are opened, choose menu button on the toolbar menu “Resize”
  • Change the size of the photo or image based on the size of the percentage or pixel dimensions of the image.

If your goal is to enlarge the dimensions and also the size of the file, write on the percentage or column of pixels greater than the initial percentage or size pixels shown before changed. Otherwise, if your goal is to reduce the file size and pixel dimensions of an image or picture, then write it on the column of percentage or pixels become more smaller than the percentage of pixels early and before you change the initial size.

Note: Maintain aspect ratio: intended that the ratio between the horizontal and vertical unchanged so that the image remains in proportion.

Resize photo or image using ACDSee Photo Manager

  • Open ACDSee Photo Manager software that you has installed on the computer.
  • Open your photo or image form menu File> Open
  • After the image are opened, select the Modify menu> Resize
  • Appears resize menu, please change the size of images or pictures as you like. You can change based on a percentage, Pixels, and the actual size of the image.
  • Click OK, for more detail see Video how to resize photo-images with ACDSee Photo Manager

The aim of changing size of the photo or image is generally and most is to reduce the size of images or photos with the intention that the picture file size in kilobytes of data into smaller ones to be used in a variety of interests.

Generally, the most purpose change the size of images or photos to becomes smaller with the following objectives:
  • First, typically is for make upload photos or images to social media on the internet to be more faster and easier with smaller data size.
  • The second objective of reduce the size of the picture file is to make a picture or photo files can be inserted or pasted into applications Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications easily and quickly and does not cause the program to work harder so can make the program are not responding.

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