How to Scan Using Corel Photo Paint

You Scan documents such as pictures or photos, or others document into digital files using scanner directly and save it to any media storage. You can also perform to scan any document including paper, pictures or images using Corel Photo Paint software from Corel Draw application. The following are tips that contains step by step how to perform scan of images, photographs, or other document using corel photo paint easily, quick and fast.

However, before we perform scan document, images, photos or others, there are a few things you need to prepare, that is:
  • Hardware Scanner
  • Driver Scanner that you must install on your computer.
  • Software Corel Photo Paint which usually is an integral part of Corel Draw application.
Once all requirement both hadrware and software are ready, follow these steps below how to scan both documents, photo or images to digital files using Corel Photo-Paint software:
  • Make sure the scanner hardware are connected to your computer both desktop or laptop
  • Open Corel Photo-Paint Applications
To integrate the scanner hardware with Corel Photo-Paint software, use the following step:
File> Acquire Image> Select Source ...

After you select the scanner hardware device, at this point you are ready to scan an document paper, images, photos or others document that is already you prepared.

Open cover of scanner hardware
Place any document paper, images, or photos you want to scan.

File> Acquire Image> Acquire

Window scanner software will appear, as shown below:

Click on the Preview to see the result display catches from your scanner. After the preview appears it will appear catch documents or images or photos of your scanner.

Click on the scan button, then the process of scanning images, photos or documents that you scan and you can see the results directly in Corel Photo-Paint window and automatically stored in the Users folder of computer. 

See the video how the scan document, images, photos, pictures using corel photo paint Software on youtube

That is step by step how to scan documents using Corel Photo-Paint software. Enjoy with your digital files from scanner hardware.

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