How To Prevent Osteoporosis In Women

The experts of medical science and health, said that many of the women who do not realize that they are at risk of experiencing an increased risk of osteoporosis disease, or can be interpreted of the bones could be increases after menopause period [not having menstrual periods again]. The experts estimate that the number of women who are experiencing thinning of the bone or osteoporosis disease  is more surged.

"Osteoporosis is a serious threat to the woman health. John Kanis, Director of International Osteoporosis Foundation in the news publications which they make, says that one in three women who are over 50 years of age having fractures caused by osteoporosis disease. However, there are still many women who have not realize that they are a vulnerable people have an increased risk of getting osteoporosis after menopause so the women after that time will not be able to do anything to prevent of osteoporosis disease.

So if the women reached menopause, the risk of women to experience osteoporosis will increase as fast as the bones porous and bones will be weakened. Based on the publication of news from the International Osteoporosis Foundation says that women who age over 45 years will generally spend more time in hospital due to hospitalization in hospital because of  osteoporosis if compared with other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart attack or breast cancer.

Broken bones or Fractures due to osteoporosis this is often the result and be bad for immobility and activity of the sufferer's, quality of life reduced and shorter life expectancy or early death.

Before it is too late and you can't do anything about it, here are some prevention tips  for the women to avoid osteoporosis or porous of the bone. These tips can also be used to handling and manage if you already have osteoporosis.

The first Tip is to eat well with a healthy diet for your bone. For women to prevent and avoid osteoporosis you should and must eat foods rich in calcium and Protein, in addition to healthy diet for yor bone is consume a lots of fruits and vegetables. You sholud get exposed the Sun in the morning to get enough of D vitamin through sunlight or instead you can use supplements of D. D Vitamin is important for growth and maintenance of bones and teeth.

The second tip is make a healthy habit for routine and regular Exercise. For women should get at least 30 up to 40 minutes of exercise, physical activity within three up to four times each week. This physical activity should be include a combination of body endurance exercises and workout weights.

The Third Prevention is eliminates a habit that leads to bad on the bone. To maintain and protect the health of bones, we recommend that you do not smoke and if you are a smoker, then immediately stop this bad habit. Heavy drinking can also negatively affect the health of your bones. It is also important to avoid too thin bones. Skinny women are more likely to risk having osteoporosis compared with those who had a normal weight.

The next Tips to prevent osteoporosis is to know the risk factors that are present in your self. It is important for you to get the information about osteoporosis and determine if you have risk factors are more likely to suffer this disease so that you can control some of these factors that may exist on your self to prevent arising and development of osteoporosis. General risk factors arising and development of osteoporosis among others the onset of menopause before the age of 45 years, using of drugs type of glucocorticoid continuously, has rheumatoid arthritis disease, malabsorption disorders such as celiac disease or Crohn's disease. Women who have never experienced a fracture or fractures or have a family history of the osteoporosis disease is also greater risk to arise and development of the osteoporosis disease .

Always check your bones health to the health service provider. Once you women had experience and reach the menopause, you should have checked yourself to the doctor to check and perform test bone health and identify risk factors for fractures on yourself. If the doctor has to diagnose that you are already experiencing bone loss, then you should follow the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

That is some tips how to prevent and avoid of osteoporosis disease in women who are generally more at risk of experiencing it after the menopause.

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