How to Edit File pps, ppsx PowerPoint Presentation

File with Extension .pps or .ppsx power point presentation is a slide presentation files which the file directly in a state ready to be presented (Slide Show). How to create a file with the extension .pps, .ppsx are using Microsoft PowerPoint, and when the save dialog box appears and then safe it with Save as type by the following options:
  • Shown PowerPoint (* .ppsx) - This option only applies if Microsoft PowerPoint that you are using is Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or newer version of Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Show (* .pps) - This option is used for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or later version.

If you already save files into PowerPoint presentations in form  of .ppsx .pps version, then you can re-edit the .pps or .ppsx file by performing the following steps:
  • Open the folder where you save the file with Extension  .pps or .ppsx.
  • Change the settings on the folder option.
  • In the Folder Options settings, Click once to uncheck the option Hide extensions for known file types
  • Click Ok In the Folder Options settings. More details you can see in the picture below:

  • Rename .pps file name you want to change. Change the extension .pps in Office 2003 and earlier or .ppsx on Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 or newer version
  • Reopen the file that you have changed from .pps or .ppsx extension become .ppt or .pptx to edit these file according to your wishes.
Similarly, these are step by step how to edit.ppsx so .pps file presentation so can be edit according to your wishes. Congratulations to create.

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