How to Fix Ink Run Out EPSON Stylus R230

Epson Stylus Photo R230 Printer is the ideal type of Epson printer that you can use to print  your images or photographs with great results. But when occurs a problems of this printer, your printer can not work properly. For example, when you printing using your Epson printer having trouble which appears an message "Ink Run Out". What is the problem that occurs you’re your EPSON Stylus Photo R230 printer display a message "Ink Run Out"? and then show an additional message that provides confirmation that your cartridge needs to be replaced.

This problem usually occurs on the EPSON Stylus Photo R230 are already infusion using a drip system. But it could also happen Ink Run Out on the EPSON Stylus Photo R230 are not installed a drip system.

According to the experience, I had use printers EPSON Stylus Photo R230 with a drip system, problems Ink Run Out due to the ink tank or a cartridge in a state of low or empty. Void ink cartridge problem on either one cartridge or all ink can be due to a stuck or does not flow at the IV. This can be due to blockage of the ink itself that dries or infusion hose is pinched.

What is Simptoms and sign of Ink Run Out EPSON Stylus Photo?
  • The main sign is the presence of Led lights blinking from ink light indicator. Not a light blinking on Power of Printer.
  • The results printing job are less clear or not good in one color or entire color
  • In the Nozzle Check test, showing lines are not perfect.
  • When you open the printer preferences, on the main tab, the indicator on the picture tube of Ink Level contained exclamation mark or cross.
How to fix Ink Run Out on the EPSON Stylus Photo R230?

Some of requirements tools to fix this problem both software and hardware tools that you need to prepare are:
  • Computer with Windows 7 operating system or earlier. [Support program resetter]
  • Driver EPSON Stylus Photo R230 printer that can be downloaded for free via the Internet. With this driver you can open Printing Preferences to perform printer maintenance command [in this case we will use to carry out commands Head Cleaning and replace Cartridge.
  • The printer resetter program, I recommend to use sscserve program that you can download freely and free of charge on the internet. This program is in case if the printer needs to be reset.
After all software and hardware you are prepared, you can continue with the step by step how to fix Ink Run Out the EPSON Stylus Photo R230, which is as follows:
  • Turn on your computer, install the printer driver EPSON Stylus Photo R230 that you have downloaded for free.
  • Connect the USB cable printer to your computer,
  • Open the Printer Cover Epson Stylus Photo R230.
  • Open the Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers> select and right click on the Printer EPSON Stylus Photo R230, and then select Printing Preferences> Maintenance> Head Cleaning. . .
  • If a problem occurs Ink Run Out when you perform Head Cleaning, then the message will appear asking you to do replace cartridge because the ink cartridge tank is empty. Follow the prompts to replace Cartridges> OK> Next ... cartridge will automatically move to a place where you can pull out the cartridge.
  • Select and Remove the cartridge that is on the menu Printing Preferences> Main> Ink Levels are exclamation / cross
  • Remove the hose attached to the cartridge hole.
  • Clean the hose that may be jammed or the ink dries on the hose / hose is pinched
  • To make sure the ink can run smoothly, replace the hose into the hole cartridge
  • Insert the cartridge back into the printer cartridge
  • Then run the command again to replace the cartridge until replace the cartridge is complete and the process is ends.
  • After successfully replace cartridge, perform head cleaning a few times until the ink are fill to the tank.
  • After the ink cartridge can fill the tank, then the menu Printing Preferences> Main> the picture that indicator of ink level on the Tube is nothing sign of an exclamation mark / attention or a cross.
  • If the result of printing when you are perform Nozzle Check test there are lines that are less than perfect, perform head cleaning once, then let the printer for 15 minutes or more. more longer, more better}.
  • Try doing a Print Nozzle Check
Ok. That is step by step how to fix Ink Run EPSON Stylus Photo R230.

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