Displaying On Screen Keyboard Windows 8 and Others

Windows users would be familiar with the facility of Ease Access to the Windows Operating System that is "On Screen Keyboard". On screen keyboard is very useful for computer user to help us in Arabic typing letters, or perhaps for other purposes for examples if no keyboard installation or keyboard error and can not be used for typing letters.

On the Windows 7 operating system or later as Windows XP we can access and display the On Screen Keyboard facilities easily just by opening the Start / Programs menu. While on the Windows 8 Operating System, On Screen Keyboard facilities not located in the Start / Programs menu. The question is how to open and display On Screen Keyboard in Windows 8 or newer Windows operating system?

Here are some ways to access, open or display “On Screen Keyboard” in Windows 8 and newer Windows Operating system:

The First way:

Place your cursor on the lower right corner on the screen of your monitor so that the search menu will appear as shown in the following picture:

Through Search Apps menu, you just type in the word OSK (On Screen Keyboard) in Column Search Application / Program.

The second way: is to use the Run command, the steps are as follows:
  • Press the Windows logo key and the letter R on the keyboard keys simultaneously
  • appears RUN window, then type the word “OSK”

Third way is Performing step by step on the second way and then will appear RUN window
  • Type the CMD in the Open field
  • If appear the Command window, then Type “OSK”
The four ways: 
  • Press the button on the keyboard (Windows logo key + E) at the same time, and then Windows Explorer window will appear
  • In the Address Bar type the OSK

That is some tips how to open and displaying “on screen keyboard or OSK on Windows 8 operating system or newer version of windows. For demonstration how to open “OSK” see an video on how to display “On screen keyboard” on windows 8 or newer windows on youtube. Hope can help and safely work with the On Screen Keyboard.

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