Understanding Health Education Props

Often in any educational process, not only health education will always use tools/media/education demonstrator. The question is whether in fact the meaning and understanding of the tools/props/media education is it?.

What's a props or media education tools?

The definition of educational tools are tools used by an educator in conveying the material or materials education/teaching. In practice this tool more often referred to as the exhibit because it serves to assist and act out something in the process of education or teaching.

How is the preparation of educational props?

Props for education is organized using a benchmark or based on the principle that knowledge that exists in each person received or captured through the five senses. Therefore, more and more of the five senses are used to receive something material that taught the more and the more obvious are the understanding/knowledge gained by target education. In other words these props are meant to exert the senses as much as possible to an object, so as to facilitate the perception of participants education or audience.

Levels of intensity of the props?

A person or the public or the target goal of education  in the education process can gain experience or knowledge through a variety of educational tools. However, each tool has different intensity in the perception or understanding in helping someone.

An expert on the science of education named EdgarDale share the education props into 11 kinds, and simultaneously illustrates the level of intensity of each tool in a picture cone named Edgar Dale's cone. More and more it will be small, conical the intensity of the in assisting and facilitating the perception of society or educational goals.

The Eleven education props tools IE;
  1. words
  2. \Writing
  3. recording, radio
  4. Film
  5. Television
  6. Exhibition
  7. Field trip
  8. Demonstration
  9. Play
  10. Mock Objects
  11. the original Objects

Of the cone can be seen that the most basic layer is the original and most items above are the words. This means that in the process of education, native objects have the highest intensity to education/teachingmaterials mempersepsi. Whereas penhyampaianmaterial or material with just the words alone is less effective or the intensity of the least. It is obvious that the use of props is an implementation of one of the principles of the educational process.

In the framework of the community health education efforts, as consumer or user can also be involved in the making of the props (educational tool). For that extension officers or health officers play a role to guide and nurture, not only in terms of their own health, but also to motivate them so forward health information to other members of society.

Props will be very helpful in doing outreach to health messages can be conveyed more clearly, and the target community can receive messages with a clear and precise anyway. By using the props people can better understand the fact that health is considered to be complicated, so they can appreciate how health it worth for life.

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