Set the order Number on the Slide Animation Presentation PPT

Power point is the most frequently used media in a media presentation where media can arrange a display of attractive presentation and animation settings either through a representative animation in the form of text, images, video, or other animation. Sometimes, after setting the animation, to be given posts, images, videos or any other shape. And generally the number of animation sequence will follow the order according to the time of the making or giving of animation.

Here are simple tips, easy and fast to reset numbering of animations that are displayed in the slide presentation.

Directly to the subject matter to set the order number of the animation power point presentation is as follows:

The first step
  • open the document in your power point slide presentation (.ppt)
  • Select the tab menu tool appears > Animations Animations >
  • click on the number of animation that you want to change the order
  • find the Reorder menu Animation tool
  • Select or click Move Earlier.now/Move Later. The move will mean Earlier.now organise the sequence number into early appearances of the previous number. Move the sort number means Later moved into number or sequence after the number.
The second step sort of animated slide presentation number
  1. Select the tab menu tool appears > Animations Animations > click the Animation Pane
  2. Once you click the Animation Pane, it will pop up a window on the right side of the window to your worksheet
  3. from the window that you can change the sequence number of the animated presentation slides that you create by doing drag and drop on a number sequence i.e. by shifting or put the number in the sort order you want on the other
So easy and quick way to sort the order of the number of animations on a slide presentation in Microsoft Office Power Point.