Resolve Error Blinking 5 times Canon IP2770

When canon IP2770 Printer have an error by displaying the sign or a specific error code. One of the errors on canon ip2770 that will be discuss in this article is an error with these signs and symptoms, that is:
  • Blinking as much as five times (5 x) on the resume button while on the power button stays under normal condition
  • The bottom line message appears that explain if there is an object that was pinned or tucked on the printer.
How do I to resolve error on printer canon IP2770 with blinking on button resume as much as 5 times?. To resolve the above error, perform the following steps:
  • Turn off the canon IP2770 printer, if necessary disconnect the power cable from the electrical plugs
  • Clean all of the part of printer, printer and cover both the inside of the discharge papers. The dirty, dust can cause errors on a dirty place or head of the cartridge that is attached to the place of cartridge and may cause error
  • Remove the cartridge from the place
  • Clean the cartridge by using the delicate tissue, if necessary add water purifier on tissue.
  • Clean also the head cartridge especially parts that stick on the place of cartridge by using the smooth tissue.
  • Reinstall the cartridge on the cartridge home
  • Turn on the printer
The step by step above, already successfully tested directly on printer canon ip2770 with error sign is blinking 5 times as much as on the resume button.

If the blinking problem on the resume button canon ip2770 for as much as five times is not resolved. Do several times the above steps to clean house of the cartridge and the cartridge head that attached to the House of the cartride. Good luck.

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