How To Setting Up Tp-Links Wireless Security Password

On this topic will be discussing about how to setting up Wireless Security Password on Tp-LINKS. As for the intent of the Wireless Security Password on TP-Links is the password that is used when the users of other computers to join your wireless network or use wirelessly using Router TP-LINKS.

Thus every user laptop or PC with Wireless connection (that ability connect to a network without cable) that will use the network from TP-Links Router must use the password that already set up to gives a chance to be able to use an facilities that are shared on these network such as; internet, scanner, printer, or sharing data as well as other devices that are connected to this network.

TP-Links that are meant here is Tp-Links Router with the following specs: 3 g/4 g Wireless N Router, Model No.: TL-MR3420, Default settings IP:, Username: admin, Password: admin. TP-Links Wireless N Router of this type can be provided on-site for you to make Wireless networking Hot Spot. For these network security so that all people can not access your Hot Spot Network, then you need to make an setting a password on the Wireless Network Security for Tp-Links Router.

How do I to create a Wireless Security Password for Tp-links 3G/4G Wireless N Router?

Lets going to the topic how to setting up Wireless Security Password Tp-Links. The steps to create wireless Security password from TP-Links Wireless N Router is as follows:
  • Open your browser's software applications. You can use a browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers.
  • Type in the Address bar with the IP address of your TP-Links Routers. The default IP is for example see the following image:
  • Go to the sub menu on the left side of the screen and select Wireless > Wireless Security
  • Create your password from your wireless connection as you like from this browser windows
After creating password are complete, please do a test run on computers that use your hot spot wireless connection.

By setting a password on the Wireless Security Network for your TP-Links Router, its will make safe every sharing data and device such as printers, scanners, and other devices or the internet hot spot network to other people's usage which is not desired.

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