How to Print Photos with ACDSee Photo Manager

An digital photos on the camera or on a mobile phone or other storage media you can print it by yourself without having to go to the place of printing photos. How to print a photo at this article is only applicable on photos or images that are already stored on your computer or laptop or other storage device connected to a computer or laptop and using ACDSee Photo Manager software.

How do I to print photos quickly and easily by using application program ACDSee Photo manager software. To be able to print photos on its own in accordance with the conditions specified above already, of course must meet several requirements that I am sure you all already have it.

There are some of requirements hardware and software to be able to printing photos using ACDSee Photo Manger, that are: Desktop computer or laptop, Program or application ACDSee Photo Manager software, some of photos, images that is stored in your computer or laptop or other storage media which connected to your desktop computer or laptop, Photo Paper and Printer device. For the best results of print out, use a special printer to print photos or images.

After all the above requirements are met, you can going to the next step to print photos using ACDSee Photo Manager software. These following are step by step how to print photos using ACDSee Photo Manager:
  • Install ACDSee Photo Manager software, and then run this application.
  • Open the folder storage that contains images, photos or pictures you want to print.
  • Select the pictures you want to print out, by means of press the CTRL key on your keyboard and select images by right clicking on the mouse over each of the selected image. Example as in the picture below:

After the photos, images, or pictures that you want to print are selected, release the CTRL key, then right click on one of the images that are blocked (elected-colored little black) and right click Select "Print".

ACDSee's Print window appears, as shown in the picture.

Select settings and make a configurations to printing images that fit your needs which include: 
  • Print Layout to specify the display of print out, whether one full sheet, one width to 2 photos, one width for four photos, or a single sheet to many places. 
  • The printer option have function to choose and specify the type of printer are used to printing (installed, type and paper size, printout, picture resolution and others.

After layout setting are done, the last step is to click the button "print". Window will showing to you detail pictures of the layout setting that are you created will be printed. Just like a picture below:

That is an easy and Quick Way to print photos, images, or picture that you can do by yourself at home. Now you already can print photos of your collection to be stored as an album of memories you shared with your beloved ones, colleagues, friends moments of important academic, touring and traveling, and more with easily quickly and economically.

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