How to Play DVD Movies on Computer Quickly

You have plenty of film or video collection on DVD, or you've borrowed a movie or DVD Movie, but you don't have a DVD player at home? How do you play these DVD movie? There is an easy way to play Film or Movie by turning it on a laptop or computer that you have at home and wherever you are easily and quickly. Here are the step by step to play DVD Movie/film on computer or laptop.

To play a video or DVD movies some equipment needs to be prepared are:
  • PC or desktop computer or laptop
  • Software Movie DVD player installed on your computer, we recommended to use Cyberlink PowerDVD to play back DVD movies quickly.
  • Hardware DVD Drive installed on your computer or laptop
  • Collection of DVD Movie or movies you want to play
Once you get all of the above requirements, including installing DVD player on your computer or laptop, in this case we using Cyberlink PowerDVD. Then perform confoguration to settings on Cyberlink PowerDVD as follows:
  • Open the program Cyberlink PowerDVD and then press a key on the keyboard CTRL + C or in the window of Cyberlink PowerDVD choose a menu Configure PowerDVD Setting (CTRL + C)
  • And then window appears to make setting or configuration of Cyberlink PowerDVD, look at the player tab menu, then select and click the Advanced button, the Advanced settings window appears, on the File menu of the Association tab tick the play automatically upon inserting the disc.

This configuration will make the program of Cyberlink PowerDVD will run automatically when you insert a DVD Movie into the DVD Drive to play a Video automatically.

After making an settings on Cyberlink PowerDVD, the next step to be able to play DVD movies on your laptop or computer is as follows:
  • Insert the DVD movies or film that you want to watch into a DVD drive on your laptop or computer.
  • Wait for a few seconds, the Cyberlink PowerDVD program will automatically open and play DVD movies or videos that you enter. 
  • If the Cyberlink PowerDVD program does not open automatically, probably an error configuration on Cyberlink PowerDVD.
If an error occurs at points 3, then you can open the program Cyberlink PowerDVD manually via the start menu or the program shortcut on the desktop. Then press the Play button

So a little tip for you to watch DVD Movie or Film to be able to play DVD Movies easily and quickly on a personal computer like desktop computer or laptop

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