How to Logout your Account without click Sign out

In the digital age right now, of course we often use activities to send a letter by mail or electronic mail (e-mail). These activities are generally when after work we have to do to sign out of mail software for maintaining the security of your email accounts so as not to be used and abused by others. Activity on Internet world wide other than absolute email requires a login and sign out of system software include mailing lists, newsgroups, facebook, twitter, instagram, forums, bloggers, ftp browser, as well as many other activities.

How about a quick way to get out of the system without having to click the sign out of the application?

Here is a quick way to get out of the system that requires a login and sign out or sign off without having to exit the menu or clicking sign out or sign off.

The steps quickly and easily you can do is as follows :
  • Try your logged into acoount email, facebook, twitter, blogger, or something of the sort you're using your favorite browser.
  • After successful login, to sign out or sign off quickly without having to click sign out sign off from the system or application that you open with the browser is as follows:
From your browser (for example in this example is Mozilla Firefox)
  • Click menu Tools > Options > Privacy 
On the History Tab select one of two options that exist. The two options below are aimed at:

Clear your recent history: clear history or history of activities when you are browsing. Select menu removal of everything so all your data including login passwords will be deleted so you will automatically exit or logout of the system application.

Remove individual cookies: removes cookies which is a facility to store data while you are browsing. To remove all cookies, then automatically all activities logged out or you will be logged off automatically.

After performing the steps above, then your activities security in exploring cyberspace through internet browsing is assured. Congratulations your privacy is save and under control.

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