Definition of Growth and Child Development

Growth and development of children each have a different definition and meanings but are closely related to each other and cannot be separated.

The growth comes from the word meaning to grow is the process of increasing the size of the various organs of the (physical) caused due to an increase in the size of each cell related organs. While the development could be defined as a process of maturation compound (consideration) which deals with aspects of the differentiation of form or function, including changes in the social and emotional aspects.

In the process of child development are associated orrelated physical aspect is non like intelligence, behavior, emotions, thoughts and other of non physical aspects .

In children's health, growth and development of children is defined as all aspects of the progress made by the human body or the bodies started from since its conception or creation of a fetus, young children and adults.

So a little discourse about the meaning, understanding, definitions of child growth and development in the science of child health. Hopefully can add insight and knowledge about children's growth and development.

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