Create Two or more Columns in Word document

Have you seen a print file form Microsoft Word document that contains two columns, or even 3 up to four or more columns? Sometimes there are several reasons for a person to make the results of the typewriting [paragraph] in Microsoft Word into two columns the same width, or two columns with different widths and or more than two columns of different width. The typewriting like that typically used for typewriting in creating a notes in magazines, newspapers, etc.

How do i to create a documents into two, three, or even more than 4 columns using Microsoft Office Word?

This is following article just only share and to remember again, how to make and create typewriting on microsoft word into two or more columns are the same width or with varying widths on the each columns.

Need to be informed in advance that the program of Microsoft Office that is used here to make an example is Microsoft Office Word 2010 that there may be some differences in the menu or tool featured on a version of Microsoft office that are earlier or later. For example office 2003, 2007, 2013 or newer.

Well, direct to the topic how to make or create a Microsoft word document into two or three or more columns:
  • Block or highlight paragraph or a full page or multiple pages at once you would like to make two or three or more columns.
  • Then go to the main menu and select the Page Layout tab, and then select the toolbar menu that reads Columns on the Group of Page Setup, then the toolbar will be shown a dialog box to create a 2 columns, 3 columns or more columns in your favor.
  • See figure below [view in Microsoft Office Word 2010]

On the option, there are more than two options that is :
  • One, means showing typing documents in 1 column
  • Two, means showing typing documents in 2 columns.
  • Three, means showing typing documents in 3 columns.
  • Left, means showing typing documents in 2 columns with smaller of widths of left column
  • Right, means showing typing documents in 2 column with smaller widths of right column.
If you want the form of column in other formats, on the picture window above, you can click the button More Columns. So it will appear window option of the other columns form. As shown in the picture below:

If you want more than three columns you can type the number of columns you want in the Number of Columns. For example you can type 4, 5, and so on as you like.

See the Video how to make a Word document of two or more Columns

You can setting up the width of each column using manual method through ruler to drag ruler according to the width that you want in each column.

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