The Rights of The Children

The rights of the children is part of the human rights that must be guaranteed, protected, and fulfilled by the parents, families, communities, governments and the state. The Rights of the Children include;
  • The non - discrimination ;
  • Best interests of the child ;
  • Rights to life, survival and development ;
  • Appreciation of the child's opinion .

The Child is someone who is not yet 18 (eighteen ) years old, including children who are still in the womb.

The Child protection is every activities to ensure and protect the children and their rights in order to live, grow, develop, and participate optimally in accordance with the dignity of humanity, as well as protection from violence and discrimination .

Every child has the following rights for the children :
  • Could live, grow, develop and participate fairly, in accordance with human dignity, as well as protection from violence and discrimination .
  • Self Identity and citizenship status .
  • Worship according to his religion, thought, and expression accordance to the levels of intelligence and age appropriate, and also parental guidance.
  • Knowing his parents, raised , and cared for their own parents. If for some reason their parents can not guarantee the development of the child, or the child is neglected, so the child is entitled raised or raised as foster children or adopted child by another person in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation .
  • Receiving and get medical care and social security needs of physical, mental , spiritual and social .
  • Receiving and get education and learning in order to develop personal and intelligence level in accordance with their interests and talents, the child who has the advantage is also entitled for having special education.
  • To express and to be heard their opinion, receive, seek and provide information in accordance to level of intelligence and age for her development in accordance with the values ​​of decency and propriety .
  • To rest and leisure, to get along with children in the same age, playing , recreation, and creative according to their interests, talents and level of intelligence for self-development .
  • Gets protection from abuse : discrimination; both economic and sexual exploitation; neglect ; cruelty, violence and abuse; injustice and other abuses .
  • Cared for by his or her parents, unless there is a reason and / or a valid legal rule indicates that the separation is in the best interests for the children and is the last consideration .
  • Gets protection from : misuse in political activities ; involvement in armed conflict ; involvement in social unrest ; involvement in events that contain elements of violence ; and involvement in the war .
  • Get and receive protection from mistreatment, torture, or inhuman sentencing ; gained freedom in accordance to the law ; and arrest , detention or imprisonment of a child acts only be done if in accordance with applicable penalty and can only be done as a last resort .
Children with disabilities, besides getting the rights mentioned above, they are also have
the rights for children as below;
  • Obtain exceptional education
  • Obtaining rehabilitation, social support, and maintenance of social welfare for children with disabilities .
Especially for children deprived of liberty , besides getting the rights mentioned above, the children are have the rights to :
  • Receiving humane treatment and placement are separated from adults
  • Obtain legal aid or other assistance effectively at every stage of ongoing legal proceedings
  • Defend themselves and seek justice before a court child objective and impartial in the trial closed to the public .
  • Entitled to be withheld if as the victim or as a perpetrator of sexual violence or conflict with the law .
  • Getting a legal assistance or other assistance if they become a victim or as a perpetrator
Thus the rights of the children who should and have to be fulfilled for the perfect development of the child both physically and spiritually and mentally.

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