Medical Treatment of Prostat Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second point raised and the occurrence of cancer in men. In order for treatment of prostate cancer is achieved with maximum results the early detection of prostate cancer is a major key. Early detection of prostate cancer can be detected by palpation examination or by touching the location on the body where the prostate is located. This examination can be done alone or with a doctor to perform the examination. With early detection of prostate cancer, it can allow the treatment of prostate cancer as early as possible.

Signs and symptoms usually begin with a changes in the pattern of urination or voiding patterns of patients with prostate cancer. The voiding pattern characterized by greater frequency of micturition. It is caused due to the pressure on the urethra due to an enlarged of prostate.

The other Symptoms of prostate cancer that mentioned  above is nocturia is a condition that of frequent urination at night, causing the patient to wake up several times at night to urinate. It is caused by an enlarged of prostate gland that pressing the urethra. Besides, there are symptoms such as blockage of the urethra to the occurrence of hematuria or blood in the urine of the patient.

Medical Treatment of prostate cancer
  • Medical treatment in prostate cancer is through surgery performed by surgeon.
  • In patients with prostate cancer that has not happened yet widespread or metastasis or the spread and widespread, the medical treatment is, surgeon will perform a radical resection of the prostate. With this model of surgery is expected to save the entire gland. The Surgery is surgery on the prostate including capsule and adjacent tissue is removed, the remainder of the urethra do anastomisis that is combines the two healthy ends to the bladder neck.
  • Once the surgery is completed, generally and often impaired in patients with urinary incontinence (wetting is caused by loss of control of the bladder), the urinary incontinence caused by internal and external spinkter of the bladder is located right on the prostate gland.
Pre-surgical treatment of prostate cancer
  • Preparation of patients for surgery related to the face after the operation to be inserted catheters and urine bags place / stoma.
  • Explaining the surgical procedure and the results. Illustrate with drawings that will occur in surgical procedures, about stoma and after surgery and the outcome.
  • Explanation of how the stoma care after surgery and also how urostomy treatment (urostomy is surgery by making a hole in the urinary tract)
The stoma is an artificial opening in the abdominal to drain urine or feces separately out of the body

Post-surgical treatment of prostate cancer
  • When surgery is done on the peritoneal, the bowel of the patients are prepared to act huknah or administering laxatives, antibiotics and the patient may only drink water.
  • Prevent contamination of the surgical area to maintain cleanliness and treating post-operative surgical wounds.
  • Provision of a diet low residual foods to healing wounds healed completely.
  • Radical prostatectomy surgery can result in loss of sexual dysfunction and ejaculation, sperm emission, as well as penile erection. This is because most nerve damage during surgery.
  • The provision of education to patients after surgery that will be installed as a catheter or drain hose to pee.
  • Control stool or fecal as generally happens of incontinence Alvi.
  • Provision of psychological counseling with respect to the possibility can be impotent, and others.
Changes in urinary of the patient's that happening at postoperative prostate cancer may occur a new hole at or through abdomen.

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