Function & Types of Muscles in Human

Lets we consider and aware if human body do not have muscle, what would happen? Humans will not be able to do the movements, because the muscle is an active locomotor that very important for humans. Base on their type, there are 3 types of muscle, that is :

By type, there are 3 kinds of muscles , namely : smooth muscle, striated muscle, heart or cardiac muscle

The Characteristics of Muscle

The characteristics of smooth muscle, that is :
  • Spindle shape, tapered at both ends and the middle section ballooned
  • Just have one cell nucleus
  • Does not have transverse stripes ( plain )
  • Working out of consciousness, meaning not under brain control, therefore smooth muscle  called as involuntary muscles 
  • Contained on the intestinal muscle, blood circulatory muscle, urinary tract muscle, etc.
The characteristics of striated muscle, that is
  • Cylindrical shape, elongated
  • Appears the transverse stripes arranged like dark and bright areas criss-cross ( striated )
  • Having many cell nucleus
  • Work under awareness , meaning that by the command and controlling from the brain, therefore striated muscle called as voluntary muscles 
  • Contained on thigh muscles , calf muscles , chest muscles , arm mucle, etc. .

The characteristics of heart muscle or cardiac muscle, that is
  • The heart muscle is only found in the heart. 
  • The structure is same as striated muscle, intermittent alternating dark and light and branching cells
  • Work of the heart muscle can not be controlled by our will, but it works in accordance with the cardiac motion. So base and according to the shape of the heart muscle, such as striated muscle and form work processes such as smooth muscle, therefore the cardiac muscle also called a special muscle.
That is the 3 kinds of muscles is human body and they are have special characteristics and function.

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